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Father's Day Video Poem from the Dog - June 20th

Mobile devices tap image twice to play.

This is Boris the Shih Tzu and I have a Father's Day poem to share with you.

Humans celebrate Father’s Day
with special food and tasty cake
While dogs look on in wonder
at such a fuss they make

When we’re pups we don’t know
that special role a father plays
Most of us don’t see our dads
or take part in how we're raised

The human dads are very special
they teach their children things
They bring food and play fun games
so we enjoy what each day brings

We don’t often see our dads
cuz' they don’t really bother
We’re glad to be in a family
with a caring human father.

Happy Father’s Day from the Dog

AskBoris The Dog at AskBoris.com

This is Boris the dog, wishing you peace, love and bacon, at AskBoris.com.

Sniff ya’ later!

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