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Easter Day Poem from the Dog at Ask Boris

Happy Easter Day Poem from the Dog: April 4th

Hello, Chia the Chihuahua with your Easter Day poem from the dog.

At Easter time there’s eggs and rabbits and tiny baby chicks

And all the smaller humans hunt chocolate eggs they pick

The bigger humans dress up nice and go to church for Mass

Then eat lamb and cheese and bread after Lent has passed

The hens are working overtime for Holy Week decoration

When kids and adults paint the eggs for new life Resurrection

The Easter bunny, Westphalia fox and Swiss cuckoo, too

All bring chocolate eggs and treats to girls and boys, like you

All us dogs must say NO to sneaking chocolate treats

Cuz’ chocolate makes us sick, so stick to tasty meats

Enjoy this festival of light and many flowers it brings

Take your humans walking so they enjoy the Spring.

Happy Easter from the Dog!

Thank you.

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