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Boris’ Spokesdogs Page

Introducing the Amazing Talking Dogs at AskBoris!

Hello, this is Boris the Shih Tzu from and I’d like to introduce you to all of my amazing fellow canine staff members who each bring their special talents to the website.

Please tap on the images or buttons below to read all the informative articles and watch the talking dog videos for each of our spokesdogs. Enjoy!

Ziggy Australian Terrier Nosy News Spokesdog

This is our “Nosy News” spokesdog, Ziggy the Australian Terrier who loves to sniff out interesting articles and news items that are both informative and fun.

Click on Ziggy’s picture or the button below and he will tell you too much about himself.

Pheobe Papillon Dog Health Care Spokesdog

This is Phoebe, the Papillon, who loves to talk about anything “Health Care” and all the many ways we dogs can stay active, happy and add years to our lives by taking care of our health.

If you click on Phoebe’s picture, or the button below, she will tell you a little bit about herself.

Leon Labrador Retriever Chow Down Food Spokesdog

Ahhhh FOOD! Nothing nearer and dearer to a dog’s heart (except for their humans) and here at we have the perfect spokes dog in Leon the Lab, who loves to talk about his favorite subject — “Chow Down” with Leon the Lab!

Click on Leon’s picture or the button below and if he’s not busy eating or thinking about eating, he’ll be happy to say a few words.

Chia Chiihuahua Wacky Weather Travel Spokesdog

Say hello to Chia, the Chihuahua, who is our “Wacky Weather and Travel” spokesdog here at AskBoris.

She knows all about comfortable traveling and finding the perfect sunbeam for a relaxing snooze.

Click on Chia’s picture or the button below and she will tell you her story.

Bob Border Collie Fab Fun Spokesdog

OK, after all that eating, we dogs need some serious exercise to keep us slim and trim, and our “Fab Fun” spokesdog, Bob the Border Collie has plenty of fun and exciting exercise ideas to share with you and your humans.

Click on Bob’s picture or the button below to learn more.

Sheila Yorkshire Terrier Quirky Questions Spokesdog

We are so pleased that Sheila, the Yorkshire Terrier agreed to be our spokesdog for “Quirky Questions” at because who doesn’t have questions?

If you send Sheila a question, she may post your question and her answer on her Quirky Questions page.

Click on Sheila’s picture or the button below to find out more about how this works.

Rodney the Lab Steam Punk Robot Spokesdog

Next, we have “Genius Gizmos” with Rodney the Steampunk Lab.

Rodney will tell you about interesting inventions and gizmos just for dogs and maybe some other fun stuff, too.

Click on Rodney’s picture or the button below to learn more.

Fifi French Poodle Fashion Frenzy Spokesdog

Last, but certainly not least, we have “Fashion Frenzy” with Fifi the French Poodle. Who doesn’t want to know all about the latest canine fashion craze?

Well, some of you larger, more robust dogs might not need to wear the latest couture sweater made from Australian sheep’s wool, but if you’re a boating dog, you might need to know about doggy lifejackets.

As for me and a lot of my smaller friends, I get cold in the winter and sometimes need a sweater or a warm coat that keeps the rain off.

Fifi loves to chat about fashion so if you want to hear about what she has to say, click on Fifi’s picture or the button below.

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Sniff ya’ later!

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