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“Nosy News” with Ziggy

Hello fellow canines and their humans — my name is Ziggy and I come from smart and sturdy terrier stock that was developed in Australia.

Don’t let my short legs fool you because when it comes to speed, I can leave most of my larger cousins in the dust.

As you can see, I’ve got large upright ears, and a highly tuned nose, which means I can hear a treat bag half a block away, and smell a BBQ lighting up on the other side of town.

This makes me the perfect dog for hearing and sniffing out all the nosy news that’s fit to print and here at I’ll also share some interesting stories and dog tales (and tails) that are just down right hilarious, too.

Simply click on the images below to go to my specific articles and my talking dog videos – enjoy!

New videos coming soon!

Welcome to the Ask Boris the Dog Website - I am Boris the Dog

This is Boris the dog, wishing you peace, love and bacon, at

Sniff ya’ later!

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