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Dog Breed Books

Hello and welcome to my AskBoris.com BOOK page.

This page features books about my most popular purebred cousins, and also some of the most popular mixed up breeds that the humans like to call “hybrids” or “designer” dog breeds.

Below is just a small sampling because I bet you didn’t know that my human, Asia, has written over 400 dog breed books.

I think that’s a lot, and would sure explain why she gets a stiff neck because she spends so much time at that computer thing.

She says that if only I had human hands, I could type too. I think I’m glad to have four on the floor.

Dog Breed Books at Ask Boris

My book page only shows a few dog breed books, so if the dog you’re interested in learning all about doesn’t show up here, don’t worry, because she’s written books about breeds I'm not even sure are real dogs! I mean, what the heck is a "Xoloitzcuintli" or a "Kooikerhondje" or a "Eurasier". And "Leonberger"? I'd like my burger BBQ'd please, hold the pickles. And "Basenji!"...bless you, did you just sneeze?

She’s even written a fun children’s book series called "The Adventures of Chester".

To see ALL the breed books she’s written and more, you can go to MustHavePublishing.com or tap your paw on the button below.

Thanks for visiting my book page and check out some of my popular dog cousins below.

Happy reading!

Popular Pure Breed Dogs

Popular Designer Hybrid Dogs

AskBoris The Dog at AskBoris.com

This is Boris the dog, wishing you peace, love and bacon, at AskBoris.com.

Sniff ya’ later!

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