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Who is Boris the Dog?

I’m a wise and seasoned Shih Tzu with my own website, and all the humans are always asking me what my story is, so here goes…

I was born in a place called Vancouver Island on January 30th in the year 2006.

My humans like to tell the story of how I was a very expensive haircut, which always seems to make the humans laugh.

Let me explain…when I was born, I had a Mom, two sisters and a brother, and I remember there were cats that I liked to play with and humans who also played with me.

After a while, unfamiliar humans came and visited, and my sisters and brother all disappeared and never came back.

I felt sad, but I still had my Mom.

Boris the Shih Tzu Dog

Then one day the female human picked me up and rushed me out the door into a big metal box that roared, shook and bounced down the road — I felt pretty scared at the time, but the shaking and roaring was soon over, thank goodness!

Then I was taken into a funny-smelling place where there were many other female humans all brushing and combing other humans who were sitting in chairs.

I was handed over to a female human I had never met before and she carefully cuddled me, which I liked.

Journey to My New Home

Then the humans talked and the new human had a little paper book where she wrote something called $600., and gave the paper to my human, who then left without me.

I was confused and a bit worried, but the new human was smiling and I liked her energy, and she smelled nice and was really warm.

She took me to a human couch and I was exhausted with all the strange new things I had just seen, so I soon fell asleep in her arms.I don’t know how long I slept, but I think I was dreaming about cats.

When I woke up my new human was standing and there was a male human I had never seen before and I was being passed over to him while she was saying, “Look — it’s a new baby Boris!”

The male human held me and they both seemed pretty happy — I liked their energy, but I was wondering what a “baby Boris” was.

I didn’t have too much time to think about it before I was carried outside and everybody got into another one of those large metal boxes that roars, shakes and bounces.

I was feeling a little queasy because the outside was moving very quickly, but my new female human was talking softly to me and I liked sitting on her lap.

After a little while the box stopped moving and I was carried to a patch of grass and the female said to me, “Go pee”.

I wasn’t sure what that meant, so I just enjoyed sniffing the grass and all the interesting scents I had never sniffed before until nature called and I couldn’t hold it any longer.

This seemed to make the humans very happy and they even gave me a tasty treat just for peeing on the grass.

I thought to myself, “Great deal! I hope they remember that the next time I need to go pee.

”My sniffing session didn’t last long though, as I was picked up and carried into a home that had nice soft carpets and calming music playing and they sat on the floor with me and showed me where there was a drinking bowl and an eating bowl and a fuzzy toy that I really liked.

We all played with it for a while, until I fell asleep again, in my own soft bed.

Boris Over the Years the Early Days

Photo Details:Don’t I look cute at 10 weeks old (top left photo) and I really love showing off all my Doggles™️ plus hanging out with my canine friends. Some people who haven’t seen me for a while, think I’m a different dog, because as I got older I changed color, what do you think? See other photos below.

How I Got My Name

Soon I realized that “Boris” was my new name, and I learned how to ring a bell whenever I needed to go potty, how to walk nicely on leash, how to come when my humans called, and my female human taught me so many fun tricks, too.

Every day they took me walking to a nice park where I met other humans and dogs, and I got to ride in a bicycle basket and get carried around in my Sherpa bag to interesting places.

They even took me inside their favorite breakfast place to eat (inside my bag) and I sat next to my humans on a chair which they covered with a coat.

I got the idea that I was supposed to be very quiet, so I never said a peep as I was happy to be always beside them, and I knew that soon the zipper would slide open and bacon would appear.

I thought to myself, “What a great life I have!”

My New Job Helping Other Dogs

When I was about two-years-old, my humans said I was now ready to be part of something they called the “dog whispering team” and I soon found out what THAT was!

We would go to a new human’s house where there would be one or more other dogs, and sometimes cats, that my humans said we were going to help.

At first I had no idea what this help was all about, but I soon learned that we were helping my stressed out cousins learn how to have a better relationship with their humans.

My humans were really good at reading my body language so I could easily “tell” them what I was feeling about all these strange dogs.

Pretty soon I realized that through my close bond with my humans, it was my job to communicate how I was feeling about each of these dogs so they could talk to the humans about what they needed to do to help their dogs.

Me and my two humans became a very effective team, and we called ourselves “K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering” because I was already the first K-9 Super Hero and we were now teaching all these humans what they needed to do so that their dogs could also be K-9 Super Heroes.

There’s nothing better than being able to help create understanding, peace, harmony and love between dogs and their humans (except maybe bacon!).

Boris Over the Years the Later Days

Photo Details:Yep, that’s me as I’ve gotten older and my hair color went from a lighter fur, like my good buddy Ziggy (second photo top left), to my handsome darker fur today – maybe I’m part Flamingo because their feathers are pink because they eat pink shrimp and maybe I turned liver colored from eating all those tasty liver treats! Those humans are my canine guardians, Asia and Jim, (second photo bottom left) and we three are the K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering team.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story!

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Sniff ya’ later!

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