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Poems and Poem Videos from the Dog

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  • January celebrates New Year’s (1st) PLUS Squirrel Appreciation Day (21st)
  • February celebrates Ground Hog Day (2nd) PLUS Valentine’s Day (14th)
  • March celebrates St. Patrick’s Day (17th) PLUS World Sparrow Day (20th)
  • April celebrates Easter (4th) PLUS World Penguin Day (25th)
  • May celebrates Mother’s Day (9th) PLUS World Turtle Day (23rd)
  • June celebrates Father’s Day (20th) PLUS Take Your Dog to Work Day (25th)
  • July celebrates Canada Day (1st), Independence Day (4th) PLUS World Snake Day (16th)
  • August celebrates World Lizard Day (14th) PLUS National Dog Day (26th)
  • September celebrates Labour Day (6th) PLUS International Rabbit Day (25th)
  • October celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving (11th), National Cat Day (29th) PLUS Halloween (31st)
  • November celebrates National Adoption Day (20th) PLUS USA Thanksgiving (25th)
  • December celebrates National Horse Day (13th) PLUS Christmas (25th)

As the months pass, each of the videos will be removed from the home page and placed here on the Poems from the Dog page.

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Poem Videos

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February 14th:

Valentine’s DayPoem from Boris the Shih Tzu

How do we love our humans?
let us count the many ways
We take our humans walking
to keep them fit all days.

We gaze into their eyes
to tell them they’re a winner
We sit beside you on the couch
and always eat our dinner.

We listen very carefully
and never chase the cat
And when it’s wet outside
we wipe our feet upon the mat.

We shake a paw and sit up pretty
we jump thru hoops and ring a bell
We’re careful to bark just a little
we love our humans oh so well.

All us dogs love our humans
we show you in many ways
We live our lives to please
and be with you every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Dog!

March 17th:

St. Patrick’s DayPoem from Leon the Lab

The month of March already, where DOES the time go? The days are getting longer & we’re hoping it won’t snow.

Trees are popping blossoms and the air is smelling nice. Morning walks are warmer, but sometimes there’s still ice.

Humans are dressed in green and wearing funny hats. Without that heavy coat  — it’s easier to chase the cat.

I’m seeing more doggy friends out visiting the park. That’s where I like to go for a fun and frolicking lark.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s, the humans drink green beer. Sometimes they drink too much and need a bucket near.

I wish you humans fun friends on this St. Patrick’s Day and hope the morning after you’ll still be up for play.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Dog!

March 20th:

World Sparrow DayPoem from Boris the Shih Tzu

Those little birdies that hang around the house.
Have very keen eyesight, just like a tiny mouse.

They chirp and flap and hop around the ground.
They search about and eat anything they’ve found.

They’re not afraid of humans and hop up on the table.
I worry they may take my bacon, just because they’re able.

We dogs might simply wonder, why World Sparrow Day
How are there so many, when they’re such tasty prey?

I guess the answer’s simple, the birds outnumber cats.
Or maybe feline hunters prefer mice, or even rats.

Sometimes we like to chase and watch them fly away.
But we would never hurt them, we only want to play.

So should you see a Sparrow perched upon a bush or tree.
Perhaps they’re feeling hungry, so share your food for free.

Happy World Sparrow Day from the Dog!

April 4th:

EasterPoem from Chia the Chihuahua

At Easter time there’s eggs and rabbits and tiny baby chicks, and all the smaller humans hunt chocolate eggs they pick

The bigger humans dress up nice and go to church for Mass, then eat lamb and cheese and bread after Lent has passed

The hens are working overtime for Holy Week decoration, when kids and adults paint the eggs for new life Resurrection

The Easter bunny, Westphalia fox and Swiss cuckoo, too, all bring chocolate eggs and treats to girls and boys, like you

All us dogs must say NO to sneaking chocolate treats, cuz’ chocolate makes us sick, so stick to tasty meats

Enjoy this festival of light and many flowers it brings, take your humans walking so they enjoy the Spring.

Happy Easter from the Dog!

April 25th:

World Penguin DayPoem from Bob the Border Collie

Perhaps you’ve never met a Penguin
Or maybe at the zoo 

I’ve heard they like the snow and ice
And swim in waters blue

I wish that I could meet a Penguin
They seem like lots of fun

If only I had feathers warm
Together we could run

I wish to meet a Penguin soon
So we could slide and play

I’m glad to celebrate their life
On this World Penguin Day 

Happy World Penguin Day from the Dog!

May 9th:

Happy Mother’s DayPoem from Fifi the French Poodle

I remember when I was born
I couldn’t see or hear
Mother helped me every day
And always kept me near

She fed me milk and cuddled
She kept me warm and dry
I felt safe and happy
And I would gently sigh

As I grew first I could hear
Then eyes opened to see
How beautiful my Mother is
To my siblings and to me

I’ll always love my Mother
Happy memories still live on
Does she miss us puppies
And wonder why we’re gone?

She need not worry or fuss
Mother need not be sad
For all the things she taught us
She can feel proud and glad.

Happy Mother’s Day darling from the Dog.

May 23rd:

World Turtle DayPoem from Ziggy the Australian Terrier

Have you ever seen a turtle?
They look strange and move so slow.
I want to play and chase.
It seems they don’t want to know.

When I get close to have a sniff.
Their head and tail goes away.
Then all that’s left is a shell.
Why don’t they want to play?

If I’m real quiet and don’t move.
The head and tail appears.
I guess us dogs are scary.
And hiding helps their fears.

When they get to know me.
They will better comprehend.
I want to know their slow ways.
So we can both be friends.

Happy World Turtle Day from the Dog.

June 20th:

Happy Father’s DayPoem from Boris the Shih Tzu

Humans celebrate Father’s Day
with special food and tasty cake
While dogs look on in wonder
at such a fuss they make

When we’re pups we don’t know
that special role a father plays
Most of us don’t see our dads
or take part in how we’re raised

The human dads are very special
they teach their children things
They bring food and play fun games
so we enjoy what each day brings

We don’t often see our dads
cuz’ they don’t really bother
We’re glad to be in a family
with a caring human father.

Happy Father’s Day from the Dog.

June 25th:

Take Your Dog to Work DayPoem from Sheila the Yorkshire Terrier

Who says take your dog to work should be just one day a year?
I think it’s better if it’s every day
We’ll lookout so you will never fear

Dogs at work every single day
Everyone is so very happy
When we’re all alone at home
We’re sad and often yappy

Don’t lock us up and go away
Take us with you ev’ry day
We’re happy being with you
it matters not where or what may

We’re meant to be beside you
Come rain, or sun or snow
We’re true blue companions
wherever you may go

So dogs unite and make a pact
no more to work on just one day
We’ll go with you thru the week
on each and ev’ry single day.

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