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“Quirky Questions” with Sheila

Hello canines and humans with questions — my name is Sheila and my small, yet bold and inquisitive terrier ancestors originally came from, you guessed it, Yorkshire, which is in England, where they were working rat catchers.

While I may not be quite as brilliant as Bob or Fifi, I’m fearless, sociable, active and can certainly hold my own in any debate.

Whether we meet nose to nose or I need a step stool to meet you eye to eye, the more quirky questions you send my way, the better, because I like to keep busy.

Have you ever heard the saying, “No stupid questions, just stupid answers?” OK, good!

Send me your questions, because they may get screen time right here on my page at

Here are some of my popular articles where I have posted my dog opinions.

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Canine Anxiety at Ask Boris the Dog Website

Canine Anxiety

As far as I can figure, anxiety is when we dogs feel nervous, confused or that something is not quite right in our world.

Tap on the image or button below to learn more about the canine anxiety topic.

Welcome to the Ask Boris the Dog Website - I am Boris the Dog

This is Boris the dog, wishing you peace, love and bacon, at

Sniff ya’ later!

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