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Dogs Are Getting the Same Types of Diseases as Humans

Did you know that many dogs are taking that trip across the Rainbow Bridge much sooner than they need to?

You may have heard your humans say, “You are what you eat” and the same is true for us dogs.

Perhaps you don’t know that since we came in from the wild and started living with our people that what we used to eat has become an unrecognizable, processed “convenience” food.

Let's Help Dogs Live Longer Healthier Lives

Just like eating a diet of convenience foods has created many unhealthy humans that suffer from serious ailments like cancer, diabetes and obesity, because many of us are eating this same type of unnatural diet, we are suffering from the same health issues, and this is making us sick and shortening our lives.

Yes, we can survive on that dry kibble food, but those people in white coats are finally starting to agree that when dogs eat a kibble diet we suffer from many diseases that stop us from feeling our best and living the longest and healthiest life.

Just like in people, eating a healthy diet has been proven to extend life, and when we’re talking about us dogs, feeding us a raw food diet can increase our lifespan by at least three years. That’s almost a quarter of some dogs’ lives, and 12 to 15 in human years, which is a big deal!

It’s not just a longer life for dogs eating a raw diet, it’s a healthier life, because there are also many other benefits for us, including more energy, ease of movement in later life, less chance of allergies, fewer teeth issues and natural weight control.

I hope that more of our people that want the best for their favorite fur friends will soon realize that they have the power to help us dogs live longer and healthier lives when they choose to feed us a raw food diet.

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