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"Oh, Lonesome Me"

by Howlin' Hank (Released May 2021) at Lion Dog Studios

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"Oh, Lonesome Me" Lyrics

You’re leavin’ me to go out and have some fun
Am I a fool for stayin’ here and havin’ none?
I can’t believe you’ve gone and left me be
Oh, lonesome me

A bad mistake I’m makin’ just by sitin’ here
I think I’ll eat your shoes and chew the new veneer
And then I’ll chase the cat and take a pee
Oh, lonesome me

I don’t like stayin’ home, I want to go with you
Please don’t leave me here all by myself
Cuz’ I still love you so and surely you must know
I’d never make a mess or make you mad

Well, can’t I convince you please to stay and play
Don’t leave me here to cry and bark the hours away
I promise not to chase the cat or bring in fleas
Oh, lonesome me - Oh, lonesome me!


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