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Howlin' Hank singing Oh Lonesome Me at the Ask Boris website

“Oh, Lonesome Me”

by Howlin’ Hank (Released May 2021) at Lion Dog Studios

“Oh, Lonesome Me” Lyrics

You’re leavin’ me to go out and have some fun
Am I a fool for stayin’ here and havin’ none?
I can’t believe you’ve gone and left me be
Oh, lonesome me

A bad mistake I’m makin’ just by sitin’ here
I think I’ll eat your shoes and chew the new veneer
And then I’ll chase the cat and take a pee
Oh, lonesome me

I don’t like stayin’ home, I want to go with you
Please don’t leave me here all by myself
Cuz’ I still love you so and surely you must know
I’d never make a mess or make you mad

Well, can’t I convince you please to stay and play
Don’t leave me here to cry and bark the hours away
I promise not to chase the cat or bring in fleas
Oh, lonesome me – Oh, lonesome me!


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