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top small dog toy options

As a clever and energetic Border Collie, yep that’s me, Bob the “Fab Fun” spokesdog, I’ve always had a knack for finding the perfect toys to keep me entertained.

But when it comes to my petite pooch pals, the search for the ideal toy can be a bit more challenging. Luckily, after plenty of trial and error, I’ve uncovered the top five dog toys that are tailor-made for smaller canines.

These toys not only provide endless fun but also address the unique needs of our tiny counterparts. From squeaky toys to chew toys, each option offers a different kind of excitement and engagement.

So, let’s dive in and discover the crème de la crème of dog toys for small dogs, ensuring wagging tails and joyful playtimes for all.

Dog Squeaky Toys for Small Dogs, Puppy Toy Bundle (12 Pack)

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If you’re sniffin’ for a pawsome bundle of squeaky toys and natural cotton rope toys that are pawfect for us small dogs, then the ‘Dog Squeaky Toys for Small Dogs, Puppy Toy Bundle (12 Pack)’ is the tail-waggin’ choice for you! This puppy toy set includes a barking 7 pack of dog squeaky toys and a wag-tastic 5 pack of natural cotton dog rope toys. It’s like a toy wonderland for us! These toys aren’t only great value, but they also cater to all our doggy needs.

The dog squeaky toys are made of top-notch plush that feels oh-so-soft on our fur. And guess what? They even have a built-in squeaker for hours and hours of squeaky fun! I can’t resist the sound of a good squeak, can you? Plus, they’re super easy to clean. Just toss ’em in the washing machine and they’ll come out smelling like a field of daisies.

Now let’s talk about the natural cotton rope toys. These babies are a true chewer’s dream! Made from safe and durable cotton, they’re perfect for when we’re teething and need something to sink our little puppy teeth into. Not only do they soothe our gums, but they also act like dental floss, keeping our pearly whites in tip-top shape. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like a good gum massage from a trusty rope toy.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! These toys also help build a stronger bond between us and our humans. Whether we’re playing an intense game of tug-of-war with the rope toys or chasing after the squeaky toys, it’s all about the quality time we spend together. And let’s face it, our humans love seeing us happy and entertained.

Now, it’s important to note that these toys are best suited for small pups like me. They mightn’t withstand the mighty jaws of aggressive chewers, so let’s play nice, okay?

All in all, these toys have received pawsitive feedback from our fellow furry friends and their humans. They’re cute, well-made, and oh-so-fun to play with. So go ahead, treat yourself to this bundle of joy and watch your tail wag with excitement!

Best For: Small dogs and puppies who love interactive play and gnawing on toys.


  • Includes a variety of toys for all our play and chewing needs.
  • Made with top-notch materials that are safe and can be easily cleaned.
  • Helps strengthen the bond between us and our humans.


  • Not suitable for those tough chewers out there. Let’s keep the toys intact, shall we?

Best Pet Supplies Crinkle Dog Toy for Small, Medium, and Large Breeds (Yellow Duck)

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Have I got some exciting news for you! The Best Pet Supplies Crinkle Dog Toy is like a dream come true for small pups like us who love to play and enjoy a good chew. And guess what? It’s shaped like a super adorable yellow duck!

This awesome toy is made with the softest chew material ever, so it’s super gentle on our precious teeth and gums. No more worrying about dental health, my furry friends! Plus, it comes in six different colors, so you can choose the one that matches your unique personality. How cool is that?

And let me tell you, this toy isn’t just cute, it’s also super durable. The reinforced fabric and stitching make it perfect even for those of us who can’t resist a good chew session. No need to hold back, my fellow aggressive chewers!

But wait, there’s more! This toy has crinkles and squeaks that will drive us absolutely wild with excitement. It’s like having a mini carnival right in our paws! And here’s the best part – it’s a no stuffing design, which means no messy clean-up after playtime. Our hoomans will thank us for that!

Now, I do have to mention one small downside. Some shedding of the yellow fur may happen during play. But hey, a little shedding never hurt anyone, right? It’s a small price to pay for all the fun and joy this toy brings.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10, White/Tan, Small

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Check out this pawsome Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop! It’s perfect for us small dogs who love to play and cuddle. This toy is inspired by the famous lamb, Shari Lewis, and we absolutely adore it!

The best part about this toy is its extra soft plush exterior. It’s like cuddling up with a cloud! And guess what? It even has a squeaker inside! That means we can have loads of fun during playtime. Woof!

Now, let me tell you, dogs of all sizes go crazy for this toy. It’s a real crowd-pleaser! It’s just the right size for us small dogs to carry around and interact with. It’s like having a new best friend to play with all day long.

But, my furry friends, I must remind you that our humans should keep an eye on us while we’re playing with this toy. Some dogs who love to chew mightn’t be able to resist giving it a good chomp. So, let’s be careful and keep our playtime safe.

I’ve heard from a few doggos that this toy mightn’t hold up well to aggressive chewers. But, hey, that’s okay! We can still have a blast with it during our play sessions. Plus, most reviews rave about how cute it’s and how much joy it brings to us dogs. That’s definitely something to wag our tails about!

KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for Puppy (23 Pack)

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If you’re a small pup who loves to chew, then I’ve got just the thing for you – the pawsome KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys (23 Pack). These toys are specially made for us puppies and small doggies, so you know they’re just right for our little jaws.

Inside this awesome pack, you’ll find a whole bunch of toys to keep you entertained and satisfied. There are 8 rope toys that are perfect for a good tug-of-war session, 2 treat balls that’ll keep your brain working as you figure out how to get those yummy treats, and even a rubber toothbrush stick to help keep our pearly whites clean and healthy. Oh, and there’s a banana toy too! Who doesn’t love bananas, right?

But wait, there’s more! The pack also includes 2 squeaky plush toys that are just so much fun to play with, 2 rubber toys that are great for a good chew, and a flying magic mat toy that’ll have you jumping for joy. And guess what? They even threw in 4 extra dog bag rolls with 2 bag dispensers as a gift. Now you can go on walks with your hooman and do your business in style.

Not only are these toys super entertaining, but they also help keep our teeth and gums healthy. The rubber toothbrush stick and the rope toys give us a nice gum massage and help clean our teeth. Plus, playing with these toys is a great way to bond with our hoomans and learn new skills. Who said playtime couldn’t be educational?

SHARLOVY Dog Squeaky Toys (Pack of 12)

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I gotta tell you about these pawesome SHARLOVY Dog Squeaky Toys (Pack of 12). They’re just perfect for us small doggos and puppies!

These stuffed animal puppy toys aren’t only cute as heck, but they also provide hours of squeaky entertainment. Woof!

These toys are made with high-quality cotton, so they’re safe for those teething pups out there. And let me tell you, the soft plush fur and floppy paws make these toys extra cuddly. The sewn facial features just add to the cuteness overload. It’s like having a little plush buddy to play with!

But wait, there’s more! These exclusive dog chew toys come with squeakers. And let me tell you, we dogs go absolutely crazy for squeakers! It’s like music to our ears. Plus, these toys are great for interactive play and exercise. So, we can have a good time while staying fit and healthy. Bark yeah!

And get this, these toys come in a beautiful gift box, so they’re perfect for gifting to your favorite pooch. And to make things even easier, they include a convenient pull string bag. So, you can take your toys on the go or store them away when you’re not playing. It’s like having a toy treasure chest!

Now, I gotta be honest with you. These toys may not be suitable for those aggressive chewers or larger breeds. They mightn’t hold up as well for the rough and tough play. But for us small dogs and puppies, these toys are a total blast!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dog Toys for Small Dogs

Hey there, pup parents! When it comes to picking out toys for us small dogs, there are a few things you gotta keep in mind.

First off, size matters! You wanna make sure the toy is the right size for our little mouths so we can play with it safely. No choking hazards, please! Safety is always a top priority.

Now, let’s talk about durability. Us small dogs may be tiny, but we’ve got some strong jaws! So, it’s important to choose toys that can withstand our chewing power. We don’t want them falling apart on us after just a few minutes of playtime, do we?

But it’s not all about toughness. We also love toys that engage and stimulate us mentally. Interactive toys are a great choice because they keep us entertained and help prevent boredom. Plus, they can even have dental health benefits! Toys with different textures can help keep our teeth clean and promote good oral hygiene. Woof!

Size and Safety

To make sure us little pups stay safe, it’s super duper important that our toys are the right size and have good safety features. Our toys should be small enough that we can’t choke on them. Make sure to pick toys that are made from safe materials and won’t break apart easily, ’cause that can be dangerous for us.

If we’re tough chewers, look for toys that can handle our chewing power. And watch out for toys with small parts or pieces that we could swallow. Always keep an eye on us when we’re playing with toys to make sure we’re safe.

Durability and Chewability

Now let’s sniff out the durability and chewability of dog toys for us small dogs! We need toys that can handle our playful nature and strong chewing power. When our humans are choosing toys for us, they should think about how tough the toy is.

Look for toys that are made just for small dogs like us and our chewing habits. We want to make sure the toy is easy for us to chew on, but not so easy that it falls apart quickly. Also, our humans need to check for any parts that could be a choking hazard or seams that might come undone.

It’s really important to check what the toy is made of and how it’s put together to make sure it can handle our rough play and chewing. If our humans pick toys that are durable and chewable, we’ll have a blast playing and stay safe too! Woof!

Interactive and Engaging

Interactive and engaging toys are absolutely pawsome for us small dogs! They get our little brains working and our bodies moving, which is super important for our overall well-being. These toys make playtime with our hoomans even more fun and help build a stronger bond with them.

You know those squeaky plush toys? Oh boy, they drive us wild! The squeaking sound triggers our curiosity and makes us want to play, play, play! And those rope toys? They’re pawfect for interactive tug-of-war games with our hoomans. It’s not just about tugging, it’s about having a blast together and creating memories.

But wait, there’s more! Puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys are like a dream come true for us small dogs. They keep us engaged for longer periods and prevent boredom. Solving puzzles and getting yummy treats as rewards? It’s like a game show just for us!

Dental Health Benefits

Hey there! Let me tell you a little something about dental health benefits for us small dogs.

So, you know those awesome dental toys? Well, they’re like magic for our teeth! We’re talking about rubber toothbrush sticks and rope toys made just for us little pups.

These toys aren’t only super fun to chew on, but they also give our gums a nice massage. And trust me, healthy gums are a big deal! Plus, they help keep our teeth clean and our breath fresh. How cool is that?

But wait, there’s more! Some of these toys have special textures and shapes that act like dental floss. Yep, you heard me right! They help get rid of that pesky plaque buildup and keep our pearly whites in tip-top shape.

So, when you’re picking out toys for your petite pooch, don’t forget about dental health. It’s so important to prevent dental issues and keep us feeling our best.

Variety of Textures

After thinkin’ ’bout the dental health benefits for us little pups, it’s ‘portant to sniff out the variety of textures in dog toys. Different textures like plush, cotton, rubber, and rope offer a whole range of feelin’s durin’ playtime. These textured toys not only provide fun, but also help with teething, give our gums a good massage, and keep our chompers healthy.

We small dogs love the feelin’ of touchin’ and chewin’ on a mix of soft, crinkly, and chewable textures in our toys. With a variety of textures, there’s somethin’ for every small dog to enjoy, ’cause we all have our own preferences and play styles. These toys with different textures also give us mental and physical stimulation, keepin’ us entertained and happy.

Recommended Age Range

When your humans are picking out toys for us small dogs, they need to pay attention to the recommended age range. It’s super important because different toys are made for different stages of our lives, like when we’re puppies, old timers, or in all stages. These age guidelines take into account our size, strength, and how much we like to chew stuff at different points in our lives.

Make sure your humans choose toys that are specifically made for small or toy breeds like us. That way, we won’t accidentally get something too big or too tough for us to handle. We want to have fun, not get overwhelmed by a toy that’s too intense for our little jaws.

Oh, and safety first, my friends! Our humans should also think about how durable and safe a toy is based on our age and chewing habits. They want to make sure we can enjoy our playtime without any accidents or injuries.


After sniffing and wagging my tail, I’ve paw-sitively determined that these five dog toys are tail-waggin’ good for us small dogs.

From the squeaky toys that make my ears perk up to the crinkle dog toy that excites my senses, and let’s not forget the plush lambchop that I love to cuddle with, these options aren’t only fun but also safe for us petite pooches.

With so many choices, our loving pet parents can make sure we’ve a pawsome and engaging playtime experience.

So, go ahead and spoil me with these delightful toys, and watch as my happiness knows no bounds.

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