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"If I Was A..."

by Stoney & Flair (Released June 2021) at Lion Dog Studios

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“If I Was A…” Lyrics

If I was a bird dog - I’d go huntin’ in the morn-in’
I’d go huntin’ in the eve’nin’ - all over the woods
I’d hunt out pheasants - I’d hunt out partridge
I’d hunt ‘em here and there and ev’rywhere
All over the place.

If I was a sled dog - I’d go racin’ in the morn-in’
I’d go racin’ in the eve’nin’ - all over the trails
I’d race with bicycles - I’d race with skateboards
I’d race ‘em here and there and ev’rywhere
All over the place

If I was lapdog - I’d snuggle in the mornin’
I’d snuggle in the evenin’ - all over the house
I’d snuggle with children - I’d snuggle with adults
I’d snuggle here and there and ev’rywhere
All over the house

Well, if I was a bird dog, or if I was a sled dog
Or if I was a lapdog - we’re all over the place
Some of us love hunting - some of us love racing
Some of us love snuggling
And we love our human brothers and our sisters
All over this world - All over this world

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