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The SPRINGER Bike Leash is a great solution for my larger breed or higher energy cousins who want to run and  often don’t get the daily exercise they need simply because humans can only walk so fast.

The SPRINGER is a safe, fun and easy way for big dogs and their humans to exercise together and so long as your human can ride a bike, no practice is necessary. My high energy and large breed friends tell me that because it has a really big coil spring mounted securely to the frame of the bicycle that tugs are reduced  by up to 90%.

Humans really like the SPRINGER way of exercising their 4-legged friends because they can easily keep their dog right beside them and keep both hands on the handlebar for better balance.

As well, the humans don’t have to worry if their dog runs around the wrong side of a tree or pole, because the safety release frees the dog instantly and the ingenious, low-mounted Springer coil keeps my friends protected from pedals and wheels.

My friends like the SPRINGER because they can get out for their run in an instant because it only takes two seconds to mount or dismount the SPRINGER from the bicycle, and it comes with a comfortable, specially designed harness so the fast and/or big dogs can pull with their shoulders and chest.

You canines who have any sled dog DNA will especially love the SPRINGER because you’ll be able to run like you were always meant to and your humans will love it, because they’ll get a free ride! (Take lots of water with you)

If I was bigger, I’d sure want my humans to buy me a Springer!

Check it out…Springer Bike Leash-Let ’em RUN-Dogs love SPRINGER from the very first moment

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