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Videos of the Month - watch Stoney & Flair, Howlin' Hank and The Woof Tones
plus  a Valentine's Day Poem from the Dog

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Introducing Our Staff of Talking Dogs

Have fun visiting all of our amazing fellow canine staff members who each bring their special talents and helpful information to the AskBoris.com website.

You can also choose Boris, or any one of his spokesdogs, to create a special occasion Singing Dog Video Gift for your special human.

They include Nosy News with Ziggy, Health Care with Phoebe, Chow Down with Leon, Wacky Weather and Travel with Chia, Fab Fun with Bob, Quirky Questions with Sheila, Genius Gizmos with Rodney, and Fashion Frenzy with Fifi.

Please visit each of our spokesdog's pages for new videos about their specific topics as they become available. Enjoy!

Pheobe Papillon Dog Health Care Spokesdog

Dog Health Care with Phoebe

Chia Chiihuahua Wacky Weather Travel Spokesdog

Wacky Weather & Travel with Chia

Sheila Yorkshire Terrier Quirky Questions Spokesdog

Quirky Questions with Sheila

Rodney the Lab Steam Punk Robot Spokesdog

Genius Gizmos with Rodney

Fifi French Poodle Fashion Frenzy Spokesdog

Fashion Frenzy with Fifi

Ask Boris Website Spokesdogs

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Boris the Shih Tzu Dog

Who is Boris the Dog?

I’m a wise and seasoned Shih Tzu with my own website, and all the humans are always asking me what my story is so please tap the button below to read more.

"Wishing you peace, love and BACON! Sniff ya' later!"

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