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Celebrate With A Singing Dog Video Gift

Let us create a uniquely customized singing dog video for your special friend for any occasion!

Hello fur friends and their humans!

Are you looking for a unique celebration gift for the humans in your life?

Sometimes trying to find a really fun and memorable gift for someone you care about can be more perplexing than trying to remember where you buried that tasty bone.You can hire me, or any one of my eight spokesdogs, or even your own dog, to sing Happy Birthday or Happy Valentine’s, Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement (or ?????) special song to your friend or family member.

It’s the perfect gift that’s sure to make humans aged 8 to 80+ laugh with glee and remember their special day all year long!As an example, check out my singing birthday video, created for my BFF Ziggy the Australian Terrier.

Your unique video will be delivered to you in a square format for easy uploading to your favorite social media accounts.

Option 1:

How do you get a Happy celebration singing dog video for your best friend?

It’s easy…

  • (1) Choose which dog you’d like to sing Happy celebration song. (you will be able to select which dog you would prefer)
  • (2) If it’s a Birthday, enter the birthday person’s name and the date of their birthday (i.e. Louise, 24 July)
  • (3) Send your payment of $49.
  • (4) Allow 3 to 5 days to prepare and send to you

NOTE: You can replace “Happy Birthday” with Happy (fill in the blank).

For example, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Engagement, Wedding, Baby Shower, Holiday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Holidays, Hanukkah, New Year, New Puppy or anything you’re happy about celebrating.

>>> Order Button Coming Soon…however, if you want to place an order in the meantime simply contact us for details.

Option 2:

There’s also more singing dog video options you may wish to choose from, including:

  • (A) Personalized video of YOUR dog singing Happy Birthday ($99.) * (allow 2 weeks)
  • (B) Boris or any of his 8 spokesdogs singing a song of your choosing ($250) ** (allow 2-3 weeks)
  • (C) YOUR dog singing a song of your choosing ($350.) *** (allow 2-3 weeks)

Special Instructions for (A), (B) or (C):

  • * You must send us a picture of your dog’s head, mouth closed, eyes open, facing forward (see directions).
  • ** Before proceeding, please contact us with the name of the song so that we can determine if it is appropriate, as we must abide by copyright laws, and my human will need create the music and re-write the lyrics to be suitable for a dog to sing.
  • *** Before proceeding, please contact us with the name of the song, and you will also need to send a picture of your dog.

>>> Order Button Coming Soon…however, if you want to place an order in the meantime simply contact us for details.

Don’t wait – get a cool signing dog video gift today. You’re family members and friends will love it!

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