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Pet Insurance for Dogs

Hello, it’s Boris from to ask if you like vet fees and bills?

I know I sure don’t, but then again I do want my life to be healthy and if I get sick or have an accident, I want my humans to have enough money to take me to sit on that cold metal table at the veterinarian’s office.That’s where insurance comes in — strange word, I know. What does it mean?

Simply it means how humans can INSURE that we dogs get the best heath care possible without having to dig up that stash of bones buried in the back yard that they’ve been keeping for a rainy day.

Here’s Phoebe, the Papillon, our Health Care spokesdog here at to tell you much more about how important it is to have an insurance plan for your best fur friend and where to find one.

Pheobe Papillon Dog Health Care Spokesdog

Hello Everyone! It’s Phoebe here to chat about Pet Insurance.

First of all, you might be wondering why your humans need pet insurance for you, and that answer is simple.

You are part of the human’s family, they love you, and they will do anything to help you stay as healthy as possible.

So what’s insurance got to do with staying healthy?

If your humans don’t have health insurance for you, visits to the vet’s office can be very expensive, which means you might not get to go as often as you might need to.

Also, if you have a bad accident that costs a lot of money to fix, your humans might have to let you pass across the Rainbow Bridge too early in your life because they can’t afford a life-saving surgery.

You might be wondering, what kind of pet insurance your humans should buy for you?

Ok, here’s what you need.You need health insurance that pays 80% to 90% of all tests, illnesses, injuries, medications, surgeries and hospital stays, because this means that your humans only have to pay an affordable 10% to 20% of those expensive vet bills.

While we’d like to stay with our humans forever, we dogs have much shorter lives.

This means that when our humans keep us healthy we can can add more years to our lives.

How many years we have to share with the humans we love depends on how well they take care of our health.

Ask your humans to get you a pet health insurance policy, so that you will receive better health care and the best chance to love them for as long as possible.

Read more about Pet Health Insurance below…

What You Need to Know Get the Right Kind of Pet Insurance

Did you know that according to statistics for 2019 and 2020, just in the United States alone, there are 85 million homes that have pets? and that humans spent over 30 million dollars taking their beloved pets to the vet’s office for care in 2020?

WOW! that’s a lot of dog bones.

Humans worry that it can cost thousands when emergencies happen and their best fur friend has to visit the veterinary clinic.

If your human doesn’t have a big fat pile of money stashed away in an old sock drawer just for doggy health care emergencies, their best friend may be out of luck.

So that nobody has to worry, a better plan would be for all loving dogs and cats to have a health insurance plan.

The best time for your humans to buy you health insurance is when you are still a young pup and have no health problems, because many insurance plans will not pay for pre-existing problems.

Pre-existing just means something that made your fur companion sick before their humans bought the pet insurance plan.

There’s a lot of insurance companies out there all offering different coverages at different prices, and it can be very confusing to know which one to get.

We’ve found a few that might be just right for you, including a unique community health sharing plan (Eusoh) — check them out below.

Pet Insurance for Dogs at the Ask Boris Website

Eusoh is NOT pet insurance. It’s much better.

It’s a community health sharing plan that reimburses you for your pet’s medical, wellness, illness and routine care expenses.

NOTE: Currently Eusoh is not offering new clients at this time and we will be updating a service that we recommend very soon. Stay tuned!

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