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Cannabidiol (CBD) for Dogs

Hello, it’s Boris from AskBoris.com and I’m going to tell you about something called CBD — and no, it doesn’t stand for “Cats Better Die.” I love cats, even though some of them try to beat me up.

I've heard that CBD is an abbreviation for a word I just can’t get my doggy lips around and humans say it’s oil from a plant that can help improve our health and make us dogs feel better when we have aches and pains.

Well as far as I'm concerned, plants are only good for peeing on, if they help me and my fur friends feel better, I'm all for it.

Read what "Phoebe the Papillon" our Pet Health spokesdog has to say about how CBD and how it can help us dogs feel better.

Pheobe Papillon Dog Health Care Spokesdog

First, let me tell you that this cannabis plant oil will not make us dogs laugh our guts out and binge eat anything that remotely resembles food like the humans do when they get “high” on those clouds of smelly stuff (that is NOT good for us dogs), because there’s none of that “Psycho” crazy stuff in it.

Why should the humans have all the benefits of this natural remedy that can relieve aches and pains?

Research says that CBD can help us dogs in many different ways, too.

It has health benefits that can potentially make our painful, inflamed arthritic joints feel better, even help address seizures, possibly keep cancer at bay, help an upset stomach, and help relieve stress when our humans leave us alone.

It can even be given to us as a daily supplement to help make sure that we feel good before we get sick.

What’s to lose, especially when this medicinal CBD oil is usually organic and can help in many ways?

Check out this popular CBD dog product line:

Discover Canna-Pet CBD Products for your Dog

Dog CBD & Hemp Products

As the global pioneer of hemp CBD for pets, Canna-Pet is committed to providing pet owners with organic, ethically-sourced products to help their beloved companions live healthier, happier and longer lives, because the longer we can enrich our pets’ lives, the longer they will enrich ours. Used for a wide variety of conditions and concerns, Canna-Pet's fast-acting, highly bioavailable products are industry leaders. It is veterinarian recommended; safe, natural, and effective; made in the USA and comes with a money back guarantee

Health Disclaimer: The statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, consult your health physician before use.

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Sniff ya’ later!

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