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Canine Senior Care

Hello, it’s Boris from AskBoris.com and being a senior dog myself, while my humans have taken very good care of me over the last 15 years, and I have never suffered from any ailments common to my breed, I do know all about getting old.

As soon as we’re born, we’re all getting older, but did you know that there is a LOT our humans can do for us to help us keep our youthful zest for fun and adventure as long as possible?

I will let my Health Care spokesdog, "Phoebe the Papillon" tell you more…

Pheobe Papillon Dog Health Care Spokesdog

For starters, make sure your humans buy you appropriate food for your current weight and physical activity level.

Also, if strenuous romping about is no longer part of your daily life, and you’re no longer the lean, mean, active running machine you once were, that means your veterinarian might think it’s a good idea to switch to a healthy senior or elderly dog food.

Nobody wants to be an obese dog.

If you’re getting sluggish in your later adult years and carrying too much weight, this can hurt your back, feet and joints and it’s a strain on the heart that can also see you pushing up daisies before your time.

Just because you're getting older doesn’t mean you should stop regularly exercising because when you keep moving you will stay healthier longer.

Also your humans should take you for regular check-ups and keep a close watch on your weight to help prevent painful joint arthritis, because this can and add many pain-free years to your life. 

Don’t forget about keeping those doggy choppers well cared for, too, with teeth brushing and a daily dental treat.

Yes, I know having teeth brushed is a pain but it doesn’t take long, and having dental disease and losing your teeth is much more of a pain.

Bottom line — it’s important that you get used to sitting quietly and letting your humans brush your teeth.

Boris says the best toothbrush is the rotary electric kind because all the humans have to do is hold it against the teeth for a good job that’s over very quickly.

When you keep moving, eat nutritious food, get regular checkups, stay fit, slim and trim, and put up with teeth brushing every day, your senior years can be healthy ones.

Check out these senior dog care products:

Senior Dog Care

Maintaining quality health care for your senior dog is most important!

AskBoris The Dog at AskBoris.com

This is Boris the dog, wishing you peace, love and bacon, at AskBoris.com.

Sniff ya’ later!

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