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Canine Hip & Joint Care

Hello, it’s Boris from to share some information about how important it is to keep your doggy hips and joints well lubricated.

After all, we dogs are agile and energetic creatures of action, and we love to run fast, jump, retrieve balls, catch Frisbees, hunt, climb, swim, strut our stuff in the show ring, do tricks, roll and play hard with our friends at the park.

In other words, we need to take good care of our important hips and joints so we can do all that fun stuff we live for long into our older years.

Here’s “Phoebe the Papillon”, our Health Care spokesdog, to tell you how easy it is to prevent the pain of a condition called “arthritis” that makes our hips and joints hurt.

Pheobe Papillon Dog Health Care Spokesdog

Hello my fur friends…

Today I’m going to tell you what you need to know about a health condition we dogs can suffer from that really slows us down, because it makes our hips and joints hurt, called “arthritis”.

Even though sometimes it’s not until we start to get a grey muzzle, some dogs can suffer from pain from inflammation of the joints, or elbow and hip socket issues much earlier and this will make them feel miserable.

Thank goodness there are a lot of natural foods like green lipped mussels, and plenty of supplements, chews, powders, tablets and essential daily vitamins we smart dogs can take to help keep these problems away so we can run, jump and play without pain for our whole lives.

Make sure your human dog owners know all about things like “glucosamine chondroitin”, “co-enzyme q10”, “yucca schidigera”, “hyaluronic acid”, “ascorbic acid”, “arthritis supplements” and other supplements that we dogs need to keep our joints and hips in good working order.

Check out these dog hip and joint care products:

Dog Hip & Joint Care

Dog Hip & Joint Care

Make sure your older fur friend has the best joint health.

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