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Canine Flea & Tick Protection and Care

Hello, it’s Boris from to let you know that there are a LOT of sprays, collars, shampoos, medicines, treatments and skin product options out there when we dogs have to deal with biting insects.

My humans always choose natural, non-toxic products to keep me safe from biting critters.

If you’ve never experienced the bite of a tick or those irritating fleas that make you bite and scratch yourself raw, let me tell you, you are such a very lucky dog.

Here’s our Health Care spokesdog, “Phoebe the Papillon”, to share her opinions about the many choices for keeping the creepy, crawly, biting pests away…

Pheobe Papillon Dog Health Care Spokesdog

There’s not much worse than an infestation of those blood sucking critters, and the good news is that there is so much that your humans can do to help protect you and prevent this from ever happening.

They will just have to be careful that they choose the right treatments that don’t make you sick because some of the spot products and prevention medicines that you swallow can harm us. 

Also, those flea collars, besides smelling bad, have such strong poison on them that they can cause your hair to fall out or make you so crazy that you start walking into walls.

Whether you’re a sensitive large or small dog, sometimes the repellent chemicals used may even kill you.

I prefer a more natural treatment approach, which is a nice warm bath with a shampoo that the fleas don’t like so they simply get out of town.

You might like to also know that there are organic sprays that will instantly kill those nasty biters without causing any harm to us dogs because they are made out of cedar oil.

The only downside of this is that you end up smelling like a forest of trees. Sometimes humans use this too, to get rid of those flying biters, called moss=kwee-toes.

Check out these dog flea and tick care products:

Dog Flea & Tick Care

Dog Flea & Tick Protection

Don’t let tiny critters cause health problems with your fur friend.

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