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Canine Ear & Eye Care

Hello, it’s Boris from AskBoris.com to talk briefly about something that’s important to us dogs that our humans often forget about.

You see them every morning washing their faces, eyes and ears with cleaners and wipes yet what about us?

I don’t know about you, but every morning when I get up from my comfy bed I’ve got a crusty and sticky eye discharge stuck in the inner corners of my eyes that, try as I might to rub it off on a convenient piece of furniture, it’s stuck tight and refuses to rub off.

Here’s "Phoebe the Papillon", our Health Care spokesdog, to tell you more…

Pheobe Papillon Dog Health Care Spokesdog

Sometimes dragging my head on the carpet or rubbing against a chair can help clear my sticky, watery eyes, but the best thing is to train your humans to get you some of those cleansing pads or antibacterial wipes and then train yourself to sit still while they give your face the once over.

It feels so good to have a clean face and helps to stop eye infections.

Humans also seem to forget about our important ears, and while it’s not my favorite thing, having clean ears means I may never have to be scratching at my ears and shaking my head because I’m suffering from a painful ear infection.

Once the infection starts, it means a trip to that vet place with the cold table and those nasty ear drops that they put inside the ears which feels really weird.

Nobody wants that, so sit still and when your humans wipe down your face in the morning, get them to regularly check and clean your ears at the same time.

Check out these dog eye and ear care products:

Dog Eye Care

Maintaining good eye health is very important for any size dog.

Dog Ear Care

It is important to keep your dog's ears clean with weekly health maintenance.

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Sniff ya’ later!

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